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What If A Creditor Didn’t Know About My Bankruptcy?

By Law Offices of Stephen Orchard |

When you file for bankruptcy, all your creditors get notice that you are filing for bankruptcy. This is for two main reasons. The first reason is so that your creditors know to stop collecting against you, because of the immediate automatic stay that happens when you first file for bankruptcy. The second reason is… Read More »


Why Are So Many Different People Calling You About The Same Debt?

By Law Offices of Stephen Orchard |

If you have a lot of debt, you may have noticed something. Even though your debt may be with one company or entity, somehow, especially if you have had the debt for a long time, there are a lot of different companies calling you–many that have absolutely no relationship to whoever it was that… Read More »


Considerations In Timing Your Bankruptcy

By Law Offices of Stephen Orchard |

There are items when the need to file for bankruptcy is immediate. But in other situations, there is some flexibility when it comes to the best time to file. Timing your bankruptcy filing the right way can often mean the difference between losing or keeping valuable assets or property. Income Considerations One thing to… Read More »


Can An Immigrant File For Bankruptcy?

By Law Offices of Stephen Orchard |

It doesn’t matter who you are or what your background or nationality is. Anyone, at some point, can find themself in debt, and thus, possibly thinking of bankruptcy. There is a possible hurdle to filing bankruptcy for some: Immigration status in the country. Can an immigrant file for bankruptcy, even without proper documentation to… Read More »


Can You Be Forced Into A Bankruptcy Against Your Will?

By Law Offices of Stephen Orchard |

Filing a bankruptcy is just like filing any other kind of lawsuit, in one major way: It’s your choice whether to file for bankruptcy or not. Certainly, circumstances may dictate that you need to file, but ultimately, it is your choice to file or not to file. Except that there is one, rare situation,… Read More »


Money You Make In An Executory Contract May Be Safe From Bankruptcy

By Law Offices of Stephen Orchard |

Sometimes in life and in work, we get money that isn’t ours yet. It still needs to be earned. There are conditions on the money. So, even though you have the money in your possession, and you are free to use it, it may have to be paid back, if some condition is not… Read More »


What Will Your Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Payment Be?

By Law Offices of Stephen Orchard |

Unlike a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, Chapter 13 will require that you make some payments to your creditors, over the course of 3-5 years. This may initially seem like a bad idea, but there are a lot of advantages to a Chapter 13 that a Chapter 7 bankruptcy may not have. But before considering which… Read More »


Doing These Things Can Lead To Big Problems In Your Bankruptcy

By Law Offices of Stephen Orchard |

Let’s say that you are filing for bankruptcy. You have only the best intentions and you certainly have no intention of deceiving anybody, defrauding anybody, or hiding anything from the bankruptcy court. But then your bankruptcy attorney tells you the court or trustee thinks that you have done something suspicious, and the court or… Read More »


Just Selling Your Stuff Before Bankruptcy May Not Be A Great Idea

By Law Offices of Stephen Orchard |

Let’s say that you are thinking of filing for bankruptcy. Although most people who file for bankruptcy don’t lose much of any of their property, you are concerned, and so you have what you think is a bright idea: Sell your stuff before your bankruptcy. Will this work? Practical Problems Technically, there is nothing… Read More »


Dismissing A Bankruptcy Case: Can It Be Done?

By Law Offices of Stephen Orchard |

In life, we tend to change our minds about a lot of things. That’s true also in the law; many times people file lawsuits and then later decide they don’t want to continue pursuing the lawsuit. But can you do that with a bankruptcy? If something changes, or you change your mind can you… Read More »

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