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Family Law Can Turn Dischargeable Debts Into Non Dischargeable Debts

By Law Offices of Stephen Orchard |

Very often, divorce and bankruptcy go hand in hand. Yet, people who are filing for, or thinking about filing for divorce, rarely give thought to having a bankruptcy consultation before their divorce, so they understand how bankruptcy may affect them after their divorce. Support and Bankruptcy One aspect of divorce that can be affected… Read More »


Bankruptcy And Landlord Tenant Leases

By Law Offices of Stephen Orchard |

In many cases—especially with the COVID-19 pandemic creating financial hardship for everyone—bankruptcy may be an answer to problems related to paying rent. Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, knowing how bankruptcy interacts with landlord-tenant relationships can help you decide if bankruptcy is right for you. The Landlord and the Automatic Stay A… Read More »


What to Expect at Your 341 Meeting

By Law Offices of Stephen Orchard |

In most bankruptcy cases, the case goes without any problem, and there are few, if any hearings for the debtor to have to go to before a discharge is entered (or until a plan is approved, in a Chapter 13). However, there is one event that every debtor will have to attend: The 341… Read More »


Bankruptcy and Divorce: Which Should Come First?

By Law Offices of Stephen Orchard |

The sad reality is that in many cases, divorce often leads to bankruptcy. It is also true that because financial problems tend to cause problems in personal lives, bankruptcy also tends to lead to divorce. Either way you look at it, the two can go hand in hand. But which should come first? Is… Read More »


Voluntary Payments to Creditors Before Bankruptcy Can Lead to Problems

By Law Offices of Stephen Orchard |

Even though you are filing for bankruptcy, you may think that you are being nice by paying some creditors before you file for bankruptcy. After all, what can be wrong with paying whatever creditors that you can, whatever amount you can? Certainly, the bankruptcy court would approve of your good faith effort to pay… Read More »


When Should You File Your Bankruptcy Case? Timing Matters.

By Law Offices of Stephen Orchard |

Do you need to file for bankruptcy? That’s often the initial question that many consumers ask who are facing financial troubles. But what about the question of when to file for bankruptcy? A large part of filing a successful bankruptcy, and eventually obtaining a bankruptcy discharge, is timing. Filing your bankruptcy at the right… Read More »


Be Prepared for Your Bankruptcy Consultation

By Law Offices of Stephen Orchard |

With many things in life, the first step is often the hardest. In bankruptcy, it can seem that way also—although in truth, the first step, getting your initial consultation, should be the easiest step. One thing that can make it easier is knowing what to expect at your initial bankruptcy consultation. Be Open and… Read More »


Will I Lose All My Stuff if I File Bankruptcy?

By Law Offices of Stephen Orchard |

There is a common misconception that when you file for bankruptcy, you lose all your stuff. The bankruptcy court comes in, sweeps through your home, and you are left with four walls, a roof, floor and an empty home. In fact, nothing could be farther from the truth. The entire concept of bankruptcy is… Read More »


Your Property May Not Be Worth Much – Which Can Help You in Bankruptcy

By Law Offices of Stephen Orchard |

In the world of bankruptcy, the value of your property matters. This is because you get a certain dollar figure’s worth of exemptions—that is, the value of property that is protected from being taken from the bankruptcy court. That means that unlike in the real world, in the bankruptcy world, the less your property… Read More »


By Law Offices of Stephen Orchard |

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