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Monthly Archives: May 2022


What Is A Creditor’s Proof Of Claim?

By Law Offices of Stephen Orchard |

In most Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases, creditors can expect to get nothing. However, there are times when there are assets to be distributed in a Chapter 7, and of course, in a Chapter 13 case, creditors may get something through your payment plan (although very little, compared to the full amount owed). What is… Read More »


Will The Bankruptcy Court Take Away My Pets

By Law Offices of Stephen Orchard |

When it comes to bankruptcy, most people won’t lose any of their personal possessions. And if someone has enough debt, they may be willing to part with a few of their possessions, in return for walking away from bankruptcy owing nothing. After all, property is replaceable. However, there is one thing that most people… Read More »


What Is A Chapter 20 Bankruptcy? It Could Help You

By Law Offices of Stephen Orchard |

Is there a secret type of bankruptcy that’s not actually specifically written or allowed for in the bankruptcy code? There is, and although it’s not exactly a secret, it is something that only more experienced bankruptcy attorneys would know about, and could be a big help to you. What is Chapter 20, and Why… Read More »


How Often Can You File For Bankruptcy?

By Law Offices of Stephen Orchard |

Many people want to keep the fact that they are filing or that they have filed for bankruptcy, a secret. That’s understandable, and a personal choice. But then there are the opposite type of people-the ones that not only brag about filing for bankruptcy, but they talk about how many times they’ve filed for… Read More »

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