Tales From the Short Sale

Underwater homeowner?  You are not alone.  Many Americans own a home that is now worth much less than they owe to their mortgage lender.  Short sales permit the underwater homeowner to sell their property for its current fair market value and be released from the rest of the outstanding mortgage debt.  For example, if your […]

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Meeting Your Bankruptcy Attorney

When should you meet your bankruptcy attorney?  I suppose you could receive several different answers speaking with practitioners at larger firms, but in my office there’s only one answer……you should meet your bankruptcy attorney as soon as possible.  I meet with each of my prospective clients face to face very early on in the process. […]

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Ten Tips for Smooth Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy provides many benefits to the honest debtor. But without proper preparation, the road to discharge is paved with speed bumps and road blocks. Use this guide for practical tips for a path to financial freedom in your Chapter 7 bankruptcy case. 1. Documents, Documents, Documents Bankruptcy cases are document intensive. Bank statements, tax returns, paystubs, […]

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